Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Delimma Of A Middle-aged Orphan

A besotted night
A full-blooded knight
A dutiful dame
A cherished game
9 moons
A birth
A child
A son
A man
In the footsteps of time
A tragedy
A cruelty
A mother's unscheduled exit
A breached heart
Having never grieved
Sits like a stone in the corridor of anguish
Days and nights in flight
Seasons passing in haste
Years going in and out without care
The other night
The precious knight
Falls into perpetual sleep
In the path of the unending exodus
With all the architects gone forever
In this silent autumn
I ask of those still around
Where are the happy dreamers?
What do I do with these memories?
Where do we belong?
Left behind
I feel so abandoned


Anonymous said...

Don't know what to say ... interesting?, cool?, sad?, touching?, emotional?...don't really know but anywho this post is doing all that, and more, to me.
Will br back.

posekyere said...

Yes Anon.
I do not know what to say either. I guess a combination of emotions is an apt description.
Have a great weekend,keep well and see you around again.