Tuesday, December 9, 2008

What the Hell is Happening!

I had really hoped to catch the release of the final tally of the presidential election live on the web. Alas, my zeal is gradually turning into annoyance, thanks to Afari-Gyan and his team.
Having begun with the patience of Job, I must confess that the Electoral Commission of Ghana has single-handedly managed to turn the euphoria associated with the elections into one of total disenchantment. The silence from their quarters is stupefying.
It is simply not funny any more and the earlier the officials at the EC woke up from their provocative slumber the better it will be for everybody.
By their obfuscation, they are giving ample ammunition into the hands of those prone to bizarre utterances to unleash mayhem and anarchy.
For goodness sake release the results NOW!!


Maya said...

Wow Posekyere, I think you used all your patience to pacify me! I think we must all remember that they do have until 5pm Wednesday to give us the results, but I completely agree that the delay is leading to idiots making unnecessary statements.

Somehow I also think the constant media coverage may have made us more impatient. Feel like they are trying to keep up, CNN-style, while the EC is not keeping that pace at all.

After a good night's sleep we shall all know the results (2nd round, I promise) tomorrow!

posekyere said...

Hi Maya,

I have really not been myself since monday. I think it has got everything to do with the Ghana 2008 Elections.
I now realise that I need to a re-work of my frayed emotions in order to function properly.