Saturday, February 13, 2010

Val On My Mind

There is this thing, erh, . . . dread?, apprehension?, drama?, failure?, . . . squatting on my mind.
Last year, I received a traumatic post-valentine reprimand.
Got brutally lectured to by MW( my woman) in the theory and practice of valentine, i.e the romantics extraordinaire that is supposed to flow effortlessly from me to her for the purpose of advertising and magnifying her super specialness. Apparently I got a big fat F for the effort.
I must confess. I have painfully tried to be romantic. But it appears the more I try, the more frustration it breeds. It is official: I am hopelessly unromantic. Perhaps even anti-romantic!
The problem is MW still thinks I have the potential to become Mr romantic if only I would let loose what she calls "that special thing sitting within my heart".
I have searched over and over again and I regret to conclude that, like the elusive G-spot, there is no special thing sitting in my heart for valentine. I think this whole valentine thing sucks!
So I have given up on ever making the valentine grade.
Pathetic is not strong enough a word to explain what I know will happen tomorrow.
BTW, I am not even sure why it is so important to try to pretend that I am in some sort of romantic mode when clearly I am not. Why should it be so difficult for folks to understand that valentine is nothing more than a savage commercial ploy meant to fatten the suckers.
MW must surely KNOW that I love her valentine or no valentine.
The problem is getting her to buy that in the face of all the retarded marketing gimmicks going on everywhere one looks.
So folks. Say a little prayer for me as you read this. Or else. . .


Myne Whitman said...

LOL, @ unromantic or anti romantic. And Valentine doesn't have to be expensive or involve money at all. I wish you the best with your woman.

Fragilelooks said...

lol @ anti romantic. love ur truthfulness. actualy women tink romance and guy think it not.

Denise said...

Hmm, Posekyre - I am also not a fan of Valentine's Day. Bottom-line my partner needs to feel/know/experience how I feel about him regardless of the day of the year. Curious to know how the day went and how your stance was seen by your woman.

posekyere said...

Thanks MW.
My failure to connect with the valentine thing has absolutely nothing to do with expenses at all.
It has got everything to do with an inherent lack of motivation for romance on a chosen day. My idea of romance is something spontaneous and not a planned project management to-do list.
When it comes to love, I like mine totally devoid of any form of pretence.

posekyere said...

Yes certainly,Fragilelooks.
Let's say the fairer ones are beyond comparison when it comes to the science of romance. In general men are complete retards in that department.I mean I find it numbingly suffocating sitting around trying to cook a valentine moment.A worse form of FTT really!

posekyere said...

There you are again, Denise!
Isn't it sweet that we always seem to agree on such critical matters? Lol.
Reading the scene, I think I managed a mere pass this time round. I guess that before the end of the week the final assessment will come from her side.But I know a happy woman when I see one.